Massimo Bottura

"Il cibo per me è anche la qualità delle idee. Ci vogliono coscienza, visione, intuizione per creare una ricetta. La visione è l’incrocio tra la razionalità e l’emozione. Sviluppare una ricetta è un processo in cui l’emozione incontra la logica, la passione cavalca la razionalità."

Massimo Bottura
Chef and Patron, Osteria Francescana (3 Stelle Michelin e No. 3 Best Restaurant in the World)

Santo Versace

"Noi italiani siamo figli del Rinascimento e il nostro riferimento deve essere l’industria del bello, della creatività, della qualità, dell’eccellenza."

Santo Versace
Presidente, Gianni Versace SpA

Sergio Marchionne

"Assumersi  l’obbligo morale di partecipare al processo di costruzione del domani e sentire la responsabilità di restituire alle prossime generazioni la speranza di un futuro migliore: è questo che rende la leadership un privilegio e una vocazione nobile."

Sergio Marchionne
Amministratore Delegato, Chrysler Group LLC


Ayetegeb Ayenew Damte – Ethiopia

Sales Coordinator, Microsoft
MBA - Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses (a.a. 2012/13)

"After working for a telecom operator in Ethiopia for nearly 5 years, I decided to join Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses MBA in light of its versatility to bring a unique topic with contemporary relevance to world’s pressing issues and counter technological alternatives. Alma has managed to enrich my professional calling with its uniquely welcoming staff members, stupendous professors, and nifty concentration. On the other side, the flawless beauty of Bologna, the widely diverse yet exceptionally remarkable student community, the cultural and historical opulent has been nothing but divine. Joining a corporation with 125,000 employees with diverse background came relatively easy, as I have developed the social and professional acumen in Alma. As I travel through the uncharted territory of my professional and social progress, my gratitude for a firm grip of practical insight is always bestowed to Alma."

Chan Ka Sing – Hong Kong

CRM Specialist, Maserati
MBA - Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods (a.a. 2012/13)

"One year in Alma, it changed my life. What I have achieved is absolute out of my expectations. Now, I am working in Maserati headquarters as a CRM specialist. Thanks to Alma, I have a huge group of good friends from all around the world; it helps me to work across different culture and country now. The networks, professors, syllabi, supports and the study environment are just excellent. This unique International program made my dreams come true. Moreover, I know I will have more and more opportunities because of my experience in Alma. I am so thankful, glad and proud to be one of the students from Alma Graduate School."

Laura Duca – U.S.A.

Assistant Project Manager “Gelato World Tour”, Carpigiani Group
MBA - Food and Wine (a.a. 2011/12)

"Alma Graduate School’s International MBA introduced me to the world of Italian excellence in the food and wine industry and gave me an incredible learning experience. After a year of coursework, I am now working in the events management department at Carpigiani, an Italian company known worldwide for their gelato machines and for promoting the ice-cream culture all over the world."

Marta Sica – Italy

Business Development, Glam
MBA - China/Far East and Europe Business Relations (a.a. 2012/13)

"Alma Graduate School is a unique international environment located in the beautiful setting of Villa Guastavillani in Bologna. I chose this MBA program after a two-years work experience because I wanted to combine good management tools with my interest in Chinese and Far East markets. I have found a challenging and exciting multicultural environment, a worldwide professional network and the excellences of the Italian business world."

Yonnick Jones – U.S.A.

Managing Partner, Craytive Consulting Group
MBA - Retail and Banking in the Financial Industry (a.a. 2012/13)

"As an Ivy League Alumni, I can transparently tell you that the Banking & Finance MBA Track at Alma Graduate School is prestigious, competitive, and challenging. From day one, you join the philosophies of the most intellectually driven global communities. The faculty, staff, and management team at Alma Graduate School make it easy for you to transition mentally into the academic environment as you settle into one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! Completing the program (9 months academic & a 6 month international internship) instilled more confidence in my capabilities as a business professional and analytical thinker. The right decisions for your career and for your future lifestyle have to be made today! Take control, live your life, and get an International MBA at the University of Bologna Business School #AlmaGraduateSchool!"