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UniCredit MBA Retail in the Banking and Financial Industry


The recent financial crisis and the consequent adjustments to the financial system are forcing banks to review their role and business focus. In this continuously evolving environment it is increasingly important to possess the industry-specific know-how and become acquainted with the best practices of the field. Now, more than ever, the retail banking business requires outstanding professionals.

The UniCredit MBA Retail in the Banking and Financial Industry, with its strong commitment to a very concrete and practical educational approach, strictly related to the new challenges that come along in the day-to-day business, perfectly fits all the needs of times of great changes. Times that, like in the recent crisis, entail certain risks but also great opportunities.

The Master of Business Administration promoted by UniCredit and Alma Graduate School is the first in its category to combine an exclusive focus on retail banking with serious commitment and extensive competence. The UniCredit MBA program is designed to train and educate participants with the aim of shaping them into leading executives, capable of handling the tremendous complexity of the sector.

Alma Graduate School and UniCredit have a long-standing experience together in research and education, as well as in training projects. Alma, the business school of the University of Bologna, guarantees academic excellence and prestige. UniCredit Group, the leading bank in Europe in terms of retail, will lead MBA participants towards new dimensions in financial retail worldwide, by leveraging its international scope and significant achievements.


Emanuele Bajo, Professor of Finance, University of Bologna
Massimo Bergami, Dean, Alma Graduate School
Claudio Bombonato, Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Aristide Canosani, President, UniCredit Banca
Gianni Lorenzoni, President, Alma Graduate School
Gian Luca Marzocchi, Professor of Marketing, University of Bologna
Franco Mosconi, Professor of Economics, University of Parma
Roberto Nicastro, Deputy CEO, UniCredit Group
Rino Piazzolla, Head of Human Resources Strategy, UniCredit Group